I Shall Escape by Dawn

No one was sure when they had left the island, or how long they actually lived there. What remained of their association and its purpose was the garden, and a collection of their works. Perhaps these are totems honouring a past era, or rather icons of an impossible time to come. Their departure seems to have been sudden. As if fleeing from a specific condition, and then escaping from that again. Into this plot of land, into these works, into a virtual realm of both. Escapism as an attempt to break the clash of study and production versus capital. And yet still leaving the back gate open for others to enter and witness.

I Shall Escape by Dawn (Season 1) is a collective show in five episodes with new works and public events in a specific setting by Van Eyck participants James Gregory Atkinson, Lotte Meret Effinger, Rodrigo Red Sandoval and Sharon Van Overmeiren, and Marco Buetikofer.


Somos(p)here is a multimedia installation made in collaboration between Clara Hastrup and Rodrigo Red Sandoval, it was first showed at  the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow in 2016